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Fundamental of the Week #20: Appreciate & Acknowledge

Let people know your appreciation for the qualities that they possess. Being acknowledged for a task well done is important, being acknowledged for a character quality is lasting.  Two of the most powerful tools a leader has to engage their team or work force is taking accountability and cleaning up their […]

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Fundamental of the Week #19: Fix Problems at the Source

Address issues by discovering the root cause rather than focusing on the symptoms or the consequences.  Continually seek improvement by developing long-term solutions. What is the most common response to a sudden crisis, breakdown or problem? Like seeing flashing lights in your rearview mirror, it’s usually followed by some four-letter […]

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Fundamental of the Week #18: Practice Blameless Problem Solving

Focus on finding a solution, not who is at fault. Apply your creativity, spirit and enthusiasm to the development of solutions. Identify lessons learned and use those lessons to improve processes, so we learn from every experience. There is a great deal of power in this fundamental, Practice Blameless Problem […]

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Fundamental of the Week #17: Be Dedicated to Personal Growth

Be a lifetime learner. Challenge yourself to take risks and operate outside of your comfort zone. Solicit feedback and learn from mistakes. Understand the nature of causing breakthroughs and live it as a discipline. Believe in Magic! When our first daughter was born, one of the things I wanted to […]

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