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Getting to know… Consultant Brett Morris

1) I have yet to meet a consultant who started their career as one. What other paths did you go down before landing at Momentum? I was a landscaper for 15 plus years and short stints in other fields, including finance manager at an international corporation and an English teacher […]

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Victim Mentality (…teaser)

No one wants to cop to being a victim. There seems to be a reluctance in most of us to admit that we are at any given time acting, talking or thinking like someone who has been victimized. Right now I’m being victimized by Microsoft Word spell and grammar check […]

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The Authenticity Game

Get real! I’ve recently noticed that all my close friends and associates are “out there” … and by “out there” I mean away from the norm. Why is that? Do I have some need to be around people who are different? I don’t think so. Upon further inspection I’ve noticed […]

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If I were to ask you to rate how reliable you are, how would you answer? What if I were to ask your boss the same question about you? What about your co-workers? Your spouse? Your kids? More and more these days we are noticing the importance of being someone […]

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Are There Unexpected Benefits Forgiveness?

ARE THERE UNEXPECTED BENEFITS OF FORGIVENESS? To begin … I think it’s valuable to distinguish some conflicting beliefs about forgiveness. There is one school of thought that allows the act of forgiveness to be fully encapsulated in the words, “I forgive you.” Does uttering this phrase automatically constitute forgiveness? … […]

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Culture by Default

DOES YOUR BUSINESS HAVE AN ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE BY DEFAULT? How would you know, and what can you do about it? Ok, so first of all … what do we mean by an organizational culture? It could be described as the sum of values, modes of communication, policies, and other systems […]

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